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CBSPA News: Toilet at berrara Creek Reserve built by volunteers now open for business

1st May, 2007

Both locals and visitors to Berrara Creek Reserve will notice that the toilet is “open for business”. It was built by our local tradesman who volunteered their time and labour to make this toilet a reality. Without their assistance, Berrara would still be waiting as long as eight years for the Council to build one.

Because of the lack of a toilet at Berrara, the Cudmirrah Berrara Swanhaven Progress Association approached Council with an offer to build a toilet using volunteer labour to do so. Council agreed and we were somewhat surprised when Peter Rasdall – the builder put in charge of the toilet project – was handed over by the Council representative, a folder thicker than the bible and with as nearly as many pages on the construction of same. We also then found out that they expected us to organise to clear the site of trees and to connect the sewer which was on the other side of the park. We did say we would build the toilet, but this was more than we expected.

Luckily Neil Wiggins of Steve Daley Tree Services offered to clear the trees for us then fortunately, Greg Sullivan persuaded Steve Daley of Steve Daley Earthmoving to dig the trenches. This left the way clear for Peter Dunnett of Berrara Beach Concreting and our plumbers Ian Brown and Alan Read to do their bit.

Of course, every time one tradesman finished and the next was to start, it always coincided with that particular persons busiest time. Kolbe Hunt our bricklayer laid the concrete blocks over three weekends after working a full week at another site.

Our builder Peter Rasdall, ended up having some of his staff working on the toilet, no doubt paying their wages whilst they were doing so.

Our plumbers returned to the job to connect the sewer and ran into a lot of problems. They had Steve Daly come back to dig across the road to connect the pipe and his machine blew a hose, so they then persuaded Dave Kirkwood come out and finish the job.

This is the sort of commitment these volunteers put in on this project and we cannot thank them enough for their assistance.

After a few phone calls and some terse emails to Council, explaining the problems that the plumbers were having and pointing out the fact that we said we would build the toilet, not all the extra entailed, Council found some money to finish the last of the work.

Every one who uses this toilet should be aware of all these local tradesmen’s efforts.

The Progress Association have had brick pavers with the names of all volunteers laid into the cement (courtesy of Peter Dunnett) next to the toilet, as a thank you and recognition of the volunteers commitment to this community project.
Thanks fellas from the Progress Association, the local community and all those who, over probably the next fifty years, that make a convenience of this toilet.

Photo: September saw the toilet completed to lock up stage, thanks to Peter Rasdall of Beachview Constructions.

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